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our new puppy Dakota

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here is Dakota. she is 10 weeks old and they say a beagle/coon hound mix! she is just too cute!

The kids are my daughters 3, and 5. my niece that is 2 and a friend of my oldest daughters. then the one alone is my oldest daughter. and the guy is my hubby as they were napping together.

And my 8 yr old rottie is in one too.
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So cute!
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What an adorable baby ........ Congratulations on the new addition..... your other dog is a beauty too. All of those sweet girls are just precious
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Oh my goodness!!!!! She is sooooo cute!!!! I LOVE the ears!
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She looks naughty, best send her to me!

I hounds, esp. when they get baying...that is the greatest doggie noise ever.
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Natalie--- did you see the picture of Angels all white kitten? heheee I know how much you love white kitties...... just waiting to see if he gets any points or anything since his daddy had a black mark on his head. so far nothing but he is only 6 days old.
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Dakota is a gorgeous puppy!! Looks like Dakota is already a cuddly part of the family
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She is so cute!!! She really looks like a pointer!
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OMG I am luvvin those ears!!
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I luv her ears too. they are soooooooo soft too!!!!

here are a couple pictures from today of her....

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she is just adorable!!! Ohhh I want one now!
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Awww, she is too cute!!!
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she is so gorgeous! i want her too!
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she had some litter mates that went to Ohio and were going to be on petfinder. not sure if the place in ohio does transport too but where we got her from did and she is just the sweetest smartest dog! she really is a doll!
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here are her sisters........ The shelter I got them from thought beagle/coon hound. this one is thinking beagle/lab or beagle/pointer..... LOL guess it is anybodys guess as to what she is.

Dakota is one of the only ones that was mostly white. the other sister was adopted too that was mostly white.
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