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Angels little boy 5 days old

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ok to compare this is him the day after he was born.... at 4 oz.

And here he is at 5 days old and 6 oz (he didn't really gain from wed-friday. then put on 2 oz from Fri-mon! LOL) tried to get one of him nursing but mommy wasn't cooperating. LOL

his ears have perked up, we have heard him purr when we pat him, and he is walking with his belly up and not crawling on his belly!!!! he is a strong little boy!
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Awww, he is SOOO cute!!!
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So cute.
Can't wait for update pictures.

Is the mama's front arm alright? (the orange / white cat)
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What a little sweetie.
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Naia--- yes her front paw is fine. that is where they had to shave it for her surgery.... she had a c-section and spay to have him.
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he is soooo cute! i can't wait until crush has her babies!
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awwww.such a cutie!glad to hear momma cats ok!
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What a sweetie. How is Mama?
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She is doing great! so ready to leave the room here and there though but until her stitches are out I don't want to let her out even for a few..... Plus with the new puppy afraid she will get nervous (even though kitten is locked in my room and puppy isn't allowed in there) and try to move him or something.
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Cute - looks like those eyes will open any day now
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They are sooooooooo close! both eyes were open a tiny bit today. I cant' wait to see him with his eyes opened.
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I always fall in love with the white kittens, then they turn out to be not white.
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hahaaa! yeah we are waiting to see what he turns out to be..... there are times I think I see a bit of darker marks and others he looks pure white. he has LONG fur but not a ton so wonder if that is why he doesn't look as white as the white part of mom. but dad was white/off white with a black strip on his head....... so that may show up like a point in a bit...... LOL
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What an adorable little powder puff!!!!
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I have to get more pictures. his eyes are open. it was so neat watching them even just today go from 1/2 open to fully open. He is a little snuggler too. so cute!!!!! And he now weighs just over 200G (hard to tell since my scale goes up in 25G but maybe about 205-210G), so just over 7 oz. and he was already trying to climb out of the box today!!!! He was clawing his way up the side of the box earlier! YIKES! have to figure out how I am going to block off my side of the bed so he can't wander around the room till he is bigger once he starts getting out. or find a taller box to put him in that Angel will have to jump into... This one isn't super high since she had the c-section.
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That baby is Darling!!!
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What a little sweetie!! Mom is beautiful too
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Angel got her stitches out today. she is doing great and they had me bring in the baby to check him out and he is wonderful too. they weighed him and he was 300 GRAMS!!!!!!!!! (just over 10 1/2 oz!)OMG what a big boy at 12 days old! LOL He was born at 110 grams (just under 4 oz) you should see him move all around. I have to get some new pictures of him too. he is just too cute!!!!!
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awww, he's so sweet!!
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What a big boy!! My 5 week olds are just about 1 lb. Looking forward to more pictures
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