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Need to/How to find a good home!!

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I have two cats that are sisters and have been together from birth that need to find a good home. My wife is VERY attached to these cats and she is having a hard time accepting the fact, but she realizes that it needs to be done.

I want to be able to find the best home possible for these pets. They are approx 5 years old. They are VERY VERY friendly and lovable cats. We are unable to keep due to the fact that we already have another cat, and we are looking to start a family soon. I know there is alot of information out there about how to deal with your pets when a pregnancy occurs, etc.

Our situation is unique in the fact that I am in the military and the possibility of us having to pick up and move in the near future is quite clear.

We are deeply saddened by this, but its the best for both us and the cats. If anybody in the Central NJ area can give us some resources OR even know somebody that is looking for a couple of great companions, please let me know!

These cats will not go to a non no-kill shelter or to a home that we feel cannot give them the love they need!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to your help!!!
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you are aware that having cats & being pregnant is not an either/or proposition?
my sister's husband was in the Air Force... their pets traveled w/them.
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Try you vet's office. Many vets will help find a new home for them to go together. Plus the upside is that they will usually know the people they go to as they will probably be current customers. Other than that, there are diseases that a pregnant woman can get with cats in the house, but since you have had the cats a long time there is very low risk to her. She should not be changing litter boxes, maybe possible that a friend or family member could take that over for a while? My cat slept on my belly the whole time I was pregnant (she loved the baby kicking) and loved to sleep near the baby when she was born. (not in the same room, but outside the door) Another thought, my hubby worked out of state when I was pregnant and I would have been even lonlier if it wasn't for my cats, would this be the case with your wife? Talk to your wife's doctor about cats and pregnancy before you decide and I hope you can work this out so both of you are okay with the outcome. Congrats to you and your wife on the upcomming baby.
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