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This is How All Mornings Should Start!

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The long missing (from TCS!) Evie has decided that I've done enough posting about not-Evie things, especially since she's grown so much since her last pictures on here, so here is a kitty post!

I said in a post not that long ago that Evie has turned me in to a cat person, and how can any one NOT be a cat person when most mornings start like this:

Evie may think her daddy is the bestest toy ever, but I am lucky because she treats me like I'm the love of her life! If she has her way, all mornings start like they did today. She generally hangs around our room when we're asleep, and as soon as I stir even a little (she used to not wait until I woke up, and would wake me up!), she comes for her cuddle / love session.

She starts them purring like MAD, kneading, head butting, and love-nibbbling. Eventually, it tapers off to snuggling together as we sleep, with occasionally waking up to this:

for more loving! She moves around a bit and likes to lay in my arms like a baby! This was a fun picture to take:

THREE HOURS later, she still wasn't done cuddling! We only stopped because I had to get up, darn!

But what a great way to start a morning!!!

What kind of rituals do you have with your cats that just make you feel like ?

And, just 'cause I thought it was cute and I mentioned earlier how much she's grown:

Here's a picture I posted of her in her very first introduction post to this site:

And here's her more recently!

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Aww, look at that gorgeous cuddle bunny! She`s so pretty.

I wish my cat did that instead of screaming in my ear in the morning!
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Oh she is adorable! So glad she turned you into a cat person.
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Aww Evie is such a beautiful girl! Love how fluffy she is & her coloring is very pretty!
I love the photo of her in the sink - Evie knows shes picture purrfect!!
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Aww... she's sure has grown up! What a lovely way to start a day too. My morning consist of Wickett YELLING at me to hurry up and get out of the shower so I can love up on him. Once I'm out and dry I'll sit on the toilet and pet him then I hang my towel, put on my robe and scoop him up to be cradeled like a baby. While he's like that I rub his tummy and ask for kisses. Sometimes he turns to me for them and other times he'll put his paws up to block me. :aww:
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She is beautiful! You are so lucky.

I too have snugglies in the morn with my is a blissful way to wake up.

Rocko came over this morning as I was checking a message on my cell phone. I than put down the phone and laid my head down and closed my eyes and he must of thought I wasn't done sleeping because he went back down to the end of the bed. How cute! Than I opened my eyes and called him over and he came over all happy and purrring. How sweet to not want to wake me!
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Aw, thanks guys! I know I'm rather biased, and it's nice to hear that it's at least not unfounded!

Twstychik, that is so cute! Wickett will let you hold him like a baby, that is so lucky for you, Evie hates it when we do that to her.

Fifi1puss, that is very sweet of Rocko to not want to wake you!
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What a loverpie! I wake every morning and Kitty is sleeping right next to me. Then she likes to snuggle in my arms and on top of me and puurrr. Its the best. My fiance never gets that kind of love from her, just me
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Evie is such a beautiful princess!!! yes, those morning cuddles are awesome
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You get to sleep in with a cat? Hey, no fair!
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Yep the hardest thing in the world to do is get out of bed when there is a warm kitty on the pillow next to you! My Jordan sleeps next to my head every morning. He purrs away and I do not want to get up.
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