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Dracula Orchid tips?

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I was wondering if anyone has a dracula orchid, or an orchid with a descending flowering structure.
I just got my first, and it's starting to show spikes....I water using the dunk method, and I'm worried about breaking the spikes once they get too long.

Any help?
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I don't have any advice for you, just wanted to say that a dracula orchid is one cool looking flower.
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I have all my orchids double potted so I just take the pot holding the plant out and water over sink and let drain before placing back in the decorative pot.

Can you support the spike with those little clips and a stick?? Or have another person help??
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Yeah, that's what I do for my normal orchids....but the Dracula is special in that it hangs in a basket, and grows it's spikes downwards, through the roots and basket, or the very bottom of the plant. My problem is that it can't sit in anything once the spikes get too long, because they'll snap....and that it needs distilled water, so I can't just turn the tap on this little pumpkin.

Maybe if I hold it up, put a bucket underneath, and very delicately pour through the plant into the bucket....hummm
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Can you take it outside and water it?? Or in the shower and hang off the showerhead??
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