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wasp the other white meat?

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SO eazy bring yet another wasp into the house.
he drops it on the rug, I yell at him to leave it alone.....

and the little rat eats it

i told him dude your not supposed to do that,
in answer he lick his lips, and meeps at me..and heads back out on to the deck.

its not like he is straving to death, i just got done feeding them
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Easy must like living dangerously.
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Sounds like something our cats would do. They find bugs outside, or one that got in, and try to catch it.. and then eat it.
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My dog does that! He's a Great Dane so he jumps several feet into the air to catch bees. ...maybe they taste like honey....
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Arwen will just make clacking noises at them, and if they whizz past her she swats them. Shark will just let them buzz around her head like they were not there
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just worried he will get stung or something.
i normally take them away from him, but did not get there in time, last night.
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all of my kitties love to catch and eat bugs if they come into the house. it seems like its their favorite thing to do. they enjoy the hunt. lol.
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my 2 girls, Electra and Demeter were playing with a spider last night they were talking to it mostly so I got it away from them so they wouldn't torture the poor thing
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Eazy has been watching too much Survivor.
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once, while i was in the bathroom, marcie followed me in (because I obviously have to be supervised) and she caught a daddy longlegs spider (of course she was just out of my reach) and she sat there and picked the legs off of it and ate the body while I watched. Yuck!

I am surprised that eazy has not been stung yet by her choice of food.
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Well seems like the kitty likes to live on the wild side.
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Elliott does that with honey bees.
If one gets into the house he someone manages to bite it in half without getting stung, then he just lets it lay on the floor.

Frankly I'm greatful to him for doing that...I'm allergic to bees...he doesn't know it but in a round about way he's saving my life
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It must be that time of year....I killed three of them this past weekend, in the sunporch. Lola was going berserk trying to get at them. Thankfully, they were up high inside the double hung windows. Cleo got stung by one of those tiny sweat bees when she was young. Her whole lip swelled up to the size of a pencil eraser. I had to give her Benedryl (per vet instructions) because her airway was becoming compromised. I now keep Benedryl liquid, along with my vet's instuctions, handy in case of bee stings.

Hope Easy didn't have any indigestion from her exotic dining experience!!!
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We once had a dog and one day he found a bee and he was trying to catch it and it stung him

But after that he would start barking very loud at any other flying bugs he saw
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