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Louie has to be coaxed to eat LONG

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Ugh. My siamese rescue had seven kittens. We kept her and four of the boys and my own mother took the only girl and other two boys. They were born Sept. 25, 2004, so they're three and a half now.

From the time they were born, Louie and Willis looked and acted like identical twins. Further, their behavioral similarity was that they were voracious eaters. They'd fight over a nipple as newborns. Still, they're like true "siamese twins" in that they're always together, etc.

In Sept. we had to move to my mother's house for a major flooring renovation in our home. It was a disaster and the job ended up taking four months. We didn't get home until December. During that time, Louie chose to live in my mother's basement in a back storage area on one of her shelves. He would wander out here and there, but generally, he could be found on the shelf. It's a finished basement, so it's not damp or moldy. He was on carpet, etc. My mother babied him during feeding times. She took a special plate back to him and talked to him, rubbed his back while he ate his breakfast and dinner.

We take everyone to the vet in December and Lou weighs 10.5 pounds to Willis' 10 pounds even. We returned to our home in late December and fast forward to Spring, when I notice Lou is skinnier than Willis. Partially because Willis looks like he's gained weight.

We take them to the vet for their pre-op for dental cleanings and they are weighed. In the past, Lou was always our biggest cat, weighing about 10.5 pounds and Willis was about 10 pounds. Now it's reversed. Willis gained a half pound and Lou lost a half pound. Further, when I took them back two days later for their dental cleaning Lou was down to 9.14. I blamed it on not being able to feed him the night before. Vet said he looked fine and bloodwork was normal.

My once hungry little gus is now eating less than half of what he once ate. I have to take a plate and find him and coax him to eat. Further, he seems to be hungry and circles all the plates in a hurry and takes a lick or two and then goes back to playing with the other cats. His behavior seems fine. He'll eat almost a can under the perfect, quiet circumstances but he's definitely not what he used to be. My vet thinks I'm neurotic. He has to be begged to eat. He used to be the first one to pounce up on the breakfast bar and inhale his food. What has me concerned is that he appears to be hungry. He walks and sniffs every plate and it's as though he can't find anything he likes. We've tried everything. Fancy Feast is their main staple but I've put out deli turkey, deli ham, Pet Guard, dry, etc. He's not interested. Otherwise he seems fine. I never see him drink.

Is this normal? Has anyone else had their cat just go from one extreme to the other?
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I don't think you're neurotic. My vet told me I was imagining things when Willow first got sick, since she didn't look sick, but I could just tell that something was wrong. Has Louie already had the dental? Sometimes sore or infected teeth can cause a cat to be reluctant to eat. Did the vet check for dehydration?

I would suggest investing in a scale so that you can monitor Louie's weight at home--I was able to get a postal scale off eBay for a good price, and I use a box in place of a cradle so that the cat being weighed is fully supported. The 9.14 pounds you mentioned is probably 9 pounds 14 ounces--most vet scales read that way. You mentioned that he eats almost a can--is that a 3 ounce can or a 5.5-6.0 ounce can?

I would suggest keeping a daily or weekly journal of his behaviors. Include anything unusual as well as how much he's eating and/or drinking. Weigh him about once per week to see if he is losing weight. I wish I had more ideas on what could be wrong, but it's very hard to tell when the bloodwork comes back normal or inconclusive.
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Thank you for the reply (and for saying that I'm not neurotic). I'm going to weigh him as you suggested. Also, I've been trying to feed him when he's alone and that seems to be working in that he stays at the plate a little longer. Still, I realize that he's not eating as much dry food as he once did and that's what I suspect caused the weight loss. I'm staying on top of this. I love him so much it hurts.

Thanks again -
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