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We adopted a new cat, Squeaky, recently, and she was about a year old when we got her. We already had five, so we have six cats now. Squeaky seems to think she is an only cat.

She follows me everywhere. When I sit down she wants to be on my lap. When I sleep she wants to be on top of me. I like to have cats on my bed, but I don't like them weighing me down.

When I try to play with all the cats, Squeaky is always first and grabs the toy so nobody else gets a chance to play. I actually had to put her in the carrier so the other cats would get a chance to play.

She is always the first to the food, too, although nobody minds that much because they get plenty.

I don't want to make Squeaky feel rejected, but I don't want her on me 24-7 and the other cats need their chances. Any ideas?