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Rescue Rabbits

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I rescued a pair of female rabbits this afternoon. They're flea-ridden, abused, timid little things - the dad of the house had a temper and was never at all nice to them (threw them in the air, etc). Fern and Mossy are currently in a large dog kennel waiting to be deflead and for their hutch to be built. They're precious girls, but I feel for them...their previous life was less than acceptable!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can...I just wanted to inform you all of them first.
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Oh, bless you for taking the dears in. I'm glad they will have a happier home now like the deserve. My parents and I took in a rabbit under similar circumstances a few years back. We named him Frodo and he originally came from the house across the street. He was neglected for the most part, but when he was paid any bit of attention he was handled roughly. One day they just decided that they didn't want him and let him loose. Frodo took up residence under my car. We quickly took the opportunity to take him in and give him a better home. Fro is fat and spoiled now - and does he ever have an attitude! He gives Ringo a run for her money in the 'tude department!! I can't wait to see piccies of your new angel buns!!!!
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