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DVD decoders

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Well since my laptop was updated to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP Home Edition I can no longer watch movies. I no longer have a DVD decoder. There are many to choice from I don't need anything elaborate but whom ever I use I will have to obtain a disk as downloading via dial-up isn't going to work.

Any recommendations???
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been using powerdvd for ages.
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I use Power DVD and DivX
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I use the VLC media player to watch DVDs.

Speaking of DivX, watching things on the internet hasn't been the same since Stage 6 shut down a few months ago.
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If you are looking for freeware DVD players, than as someone already mentioned VLC is pretty good.

Also there is AVS DVD Player, freeware too. However it takes a bit to load the DVD up.

If you watch mpegs, mp4s etc than a Classic Media Player project is a good idea, quick and extremely light: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/...er_Classic.htm

Hope this helps.
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