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I don't know what this is?

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One of my ferals, "Sis" who is my favorite, has two or three white spots,
around her neck.She had lots of fur in the winter, but she lost quite a bit
of it since spring and summer is starting, at the the temps! she always had
this collar of fur around her neck. She shed it and now I am noticing these white spots, you know how their skin looks whenever they have a bite or whatever, pink kinda raw. well this from as far as I can tell is white.
she will let me only so close. I have touched her but not often . a friend of mine worked for a vet and said that ferals can swallow a fly, and it will produce a worm, and it will exit through the neck? since the shedding of the fur, she looks skinny. and I thought she was nice and plump!I think she was and now I think she has worms, I don't know what to think or!!
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Perhaps your friend was thinking of the botfly? Warning, if you google them, there are some really gross pictures.

Any chance you could trap her and get her checked out?
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OMG! THAT SOUNDS AWFUL!! I don't know if that is what he meant or not I will call him, we were discussing it as we were driving down the rode and I was in the back seat! I thought he just said, a fly, but you could be right!
what is a botfly? I'm going to google it right now!! thanks
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Sounds like it could be ringworm. Don't know how old she is but many kittens tend to have them and any age can get them. Have her checked by a vet in case its a different parasite. If it is ringworm it can be contagious to all animals including humans. We use an antiseptic shampoo and then give a sulphur bath, which stinks, but seems to clean them up in a week. The sulphur bath is a product we get from the vet so be careful if you use it, I recommend gloves and safety glasses so it doesn't get on skin or in eyes.
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Yeah, I though ringworm, too. Which, of course, is not a worm at all. Too bad it has that name.
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Thanks for the heads up! I just hope I can trap her! it will be interesting, to say the least! I will let ya know what happens! Appreciate your replies!!
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As another option, it could be abcesses from bites from fighting with other cats, or skunks, raccoons, dogs, etc.
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Hmmm....Im trying to think of things it could be....

Im not too sure of the abscess, as my cat got one. You could not see it at first, but eventually the area started to look swollen. I wasnt completely sure what it was though, so I decided to leave it for a day and see if it got better. It didnt, and he started crying whenever we picked him up (it was on teh base of his tail) so we took him in first chance we got. If we had waited a day longer, he would have lost his tail! The vet fixed him up, but ever since has been touchy about his tail.

So, i dont think it is an abscess, but my most likely guess would be bot flies :/
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Bot Flies? someone else said the same thing! they said to Google it and I did but it wouldn't come up for me, wonder what I did wrong, I did it three different times but it said that there were no results for that name! I think I will try again! and actually they look alot better tonight! I believe she had
2 or 3 spots, not big, about the size of pencil eraser. maybe one bigger, and one smaller. anyway, I keep watching were she goes after feeding, and she is going straight to Bill's house. He is the one that called the cops on me, and then threatened to shot me if I stepped one foot on his property! What a
werido! that is what i meant about the trapping being interesting! thanks again!
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Does this mean she lives over in his property? I am not familiar with the story behind that but dang that sounds irritating.
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The colony that I feed are behind a big convienence store, there is a short rode directly behind it, matter of fact, the diesels have a special turn in, it runs straight into that rode,they turn before it turns into that rode, to go behind the store for their gas. If you keep going onto the rode, this guy owns
a shop, he fixes airplanes and such. The airport is directly behind all of this.
Anyway, he also owns a house which is right on the corner, where the trucks
turn in, this is kinda hard to describe, sorry. He doesn't actually live there
any more, thank goodness. but he comes to work everyday, he got mad because I was out there, by the airport, trying to trap a kitten that had tar
all over it several months ago, he thought I had trapped one of his cats and did something with it, that is when he called the cops on me, and then threatened me! Jerk! I was nice, even though he really ticked me off! The cats hang out around the dumpsters from the store, then I watched them go under the fence back on the road, and go to an abandon building, so I went to the apprasial office to make sure that they weren't on his land. and it isn't although it is right beside his. I believe his cats were the start of this colony.
even though his brother was a vet. and could of had them fixed for free!
My "Sis" sister, sissy, (I call her all of those names!) started going over there
after I feed them, to Bill's shop, then under the fence which goes to the
house, the house is almost overgrow with brush, but I think she has found
refuge there from the storms we have been having and I'm glad about that!
My trapping as pretty much been put on hold, even though I have talked to the police deptment, gave them literature on TNR. which the chief told
me that what I was doing is not against the law! so I know I won't get in anymore trouble with them, it's just this crazy Bill,( the ZZTop reject) that
would probably do no telling what to my traps, or who knows what someone
like that is capable of! Yes very frustrating!! and now with her going over there she probably sleeps all day over there which would make it hard to trap on his property. I just started feeding at night so he doesn't have to see me
problem with that is....I could trap at night, but I really hate to keep the cats in the trap that long. and I would be all over his property, which he probably has cameras up or some crazy stuff like that! I would feel very uneasy on his property at all! whether he is there or not! I have tried to be his so called friend but he won't hear of it! He decided he didn't like me, and that was that! I have never been in such a situation, where someone hates me and doesn't even know me or want to get to know me, or any of this!
I can get along with anyone! heck I even fed his personal cats while he went out of town, he left food for them but they came to where I feed and I fed them. it's not their fault. oh well I guess I better quit bending your ear...
I really don't know what to do about this and it is driving me nuts!!! I am the only one doing this, oh and the colony has about 15 to 20 cats in it, give or take on different days.
thats my crazy cat story!
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