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Now that my nieces and nephews have gotten so big, I don't get to take them to the movies anymore, so I have to wait until the "kids' movies" come out on video or DVD. I picked up "Cats & Dogs" at the supermarket, and finally got around to watching it this afternoon. It was really good, in my opinion. Does anybody else watch stuff like "The Incredible Journey", "Harry Potter", without kids? Our cat watched most of it with me. I think he was rooting for the dogs!
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I love cats and dogs!!! my kitties like to watch it to :LOL:
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I own my own collection of childrens' movies and I don't think I have watched any of them with a child! I love them!
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The trick is to go to the theater for a later showing. Less kids and more adults in the audience, mostly sharing the same guilty pleasure as you.

Love Harry Potter, books and movies! Also love Disney and Pixar movies.
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I love the Harry Potter books, and am anxiously awaiting the next one. I was in the hospital last summer, and my roommate was amazed that an adult could become so absorbed in "children's books". I reread all four of them (plus a score of mysteries & true crime books). I put "Cats & Dogs" on again today for our cat, since he's in another of his active phases where he only sleeps about 6 - 8 hours a day. I got the same reaction - every time the cat puppets were on the screen, he hissed, particularly when it was "Mr. Tinkles". I don't know if he was hissing because they were cats, or because he found them unnatural. He only watches TV occasionally, but gets all worked up when he sees dinosaurs or elephants. When he was a kitten he loved to watch the Teletubbies. My sister's male cat loves Disney's animated films, and "Free Willy". He has watched the videos more often than the kids have.
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I rent kids movies for my self all the time. Last one was Lilo and Stitch. All though i prefer to call them "family movies".
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I thought the Harry Potter movie was really good...I am looking forward to renting the second one!
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