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Google Zurich office - OMG!

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I got to check out the Google Zurich office this evening and ohhhh man! Those guys have it good!

There was a Water Lounge, which was a dark room, with a wall lined with aquarium's and a bunch of massage chairs all facing the aquariums so you could get a massage while watching the fish. There was an old English style library with gorgeous royal looking lounges, and a really cool kitchen and a bunch of books, and just nice places to relax.

There's all sorts of phone booths for conducting interviews in styles like Antartic station style igloos, ski lift gondolas, these big purple egg things, Indian sheik style booths, and other crazy things.

The offices were decorated really well, and very well thought out. The coolest things though were the firemens poles and the slippery slide for going between levels! The slide goes from the first floor to the ground floor and pops out in the middle of the cafe! There's mutiple poles to slide down but I was too scared DH went down, and I looked down, then put my hands on the pole, and even managed one leg, but was too scared of not holding on properly and just falling rather than sliding down. So I took the stairs...

Such a cool office!
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That sounds really cool! I wish I had slides and poles and also rope ladders here at home.
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Wow!!! Sounds awesome! Hmm, I wonder if they're hiring
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OMG, did you get pics?!
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Yeah, you had better have pics....I wonder if they have an opening for a welder?
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No pics tonight, I'll go back later in the week and get pics then.
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It sounds like almost too much fun. I wonder if they ever get any work done!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
It sounds like almost too much fun. I wonder if they ever get any work done!
I'm sure they do, but I'll bet it doesn't feel like work.
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That's so cool.. I wanna see pictures.
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i had too look up pics!
and omg im so having too work theire
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pretty cool huh?

Fh works at the Frankfurt base, and i swear they are spoilt!! I get so jealous!!
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Wow! Sounds amazing! Definitely need to see pics.... and I think we all want a job and to move to Zurich!
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