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Kitties having fun!!!

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The first three pictures were taken at our old house, and before we got our third cat. Gaz is our girl kitty in the coke box. The two cats cuddling are our boy cats Cloud (left) and Buddy (right). Silly Kittys!!
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They are so cute!! It's great how they will just get into anything, isn't it?!
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Awww, so cute. Cloud isn't named after the Final Fantasy hero is he?
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Your cats are such cuties!! Your kitties in those boxes make me giggle Cats are so curious!!
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They're so cute! That last picture looks a lot like my Callie.
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Originally Posted by fablegirl View Post
This one read the box, obviously.
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They look like a right pair of trouble makers but how could anyone be mad with cutey faces like theirs?!

Love the last picture. Looking a little snug there!
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This one is great!
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Too cute!
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I have two tuxedo boys as well and a tuxedo girl! Aren't the black and white kitties the best?

I absolutely love the first shot of the two boys on the ladder So precious!
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yes! i love tuxedo cats! but i love other kitties of course! tuxedos always look so formal lol. My kitties love getting into cardboard boxes!
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i really need to get some better pics so i can ask someone to help me with a sig. oh well. this works for now
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