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Strange Noises

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Hi all

I haven't been on for a while had alot of stuff happening. I have missed you all.

Question I have is:- Simba has been meowing and making really strange noises sounds like hes talking and he's been trying to get out the door alot. He's a house cat so he's never been used to outdoors and he's neutered so don't think he still has that instinct. Does anyone know what the problem could be??????

Thanks in advance
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He might just want out because he saw something interesting out the window :p My cats would do that when they saw birds or squirrels - they'd make chirping, chattering noises and then head for the door.
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That makes sense because he's out on the veranda alot andthe birds seem to be mocking him

Thanks for that
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Paddington does this this all the time now as well - there are lots of birds and other interesting animals outside right now, so he gets excited and his hunting instinct comes out..and he 'grumbles' and makes other noises. He is a very vocal cat anyway, so we have gotten used to his various noises.

Sounds like Simba is just unleashing his inner hunter!
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all of my cats will meow loudly like theyre looking for something. For instance, my youngest cloud will meow from a different room and all you have to do is call for him and he will come. my girl cat will meow until you let her in the room she wants to go in. lol. cats are pretty vocal about what they want.
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