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Two male cats in PA

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Hey all,

I realize that this isn't really a feral issue, nor is it a rescue issue exactly either. But I was in my companies benefit room, and there is a board in there for employee postings, such as things for sale and whatnot. Well, today there was an adorable picture of these two cats. I read it and it basically said they are being given away to good home.

They are two male cats, neutered, declawed(don't get me started), and social. The owner wants them to go together. She just had a baby and has decided it is too hard to take care of the baby and the cats (again, don't get me started).

So, anyway, anyone want two really cute cats? I am talking to the woman via e-mail. I am trying to help. My heart breaks for the cats. Any advice here would be appreciated. Thanks. In the mean time I am looking around in the are for people who would be willing to take a couple cats in as fosters until homes can be found.
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Jamie, On occasion a vet will get a call from someone looking for a cat. You might want to check into our list of no-kill shelters also. It's at the top of this page. The humane society might also have some information for you. You're a good friend to try to help, despite your disapproval. Of course, you might be saving her cats from falling into the wrong hands. It's not wise to offer cats "free to a good home," as I'm sure you know.

I too had a friend who said her cats were taking time away from her baby. I got really upset when she bought two very expensive cats about a month after giving her two away! (I'm still angry about it, so I know what you mean by "Don't get me started.")
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Thanks Jeanie.

So far, I have referred her to Peaceable Kingdom, which is a rescue site, and petfinder.com. I am going to go home and talk to me neighbor who was looking for another cat. I don't know that she would want two more, but she just bought a big house, so she might!

She said that they are part of her family, and it is breaking her heart, but she doesn't have the time to spend with them. This breaks my heart. It really does. I asked her for a pic. I hope she gets it to me before I go home for the day.

Edit: I have the picture. I want to post it, but I can't because it isn't on a site.
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My thought is that perhaps all of the story is not being told here, and there might be behavior issues with these cats (because of the declaw) But I have 4 cat loving friends living in PA and I will email them and ask them if they would like to help out, or if they know anyone.
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Thanks Hissy. Let me know what they say.b
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Hi Jamie,
Any update on these guys?
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Actually, just got the update on Friday as I was leaving.

The woman giving them away found someone to take them. He actually works with our company. So, she will be able to keep tabs on them.

I am glad that she found them a home. That makes me happy, I still hurt in my heart for the cats who probably don't understand what is happening to them. I hope their new homes gives them all the love and attention they deserve.
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Jamie, That's good news. Like you, I am hoping that they get a wonderful home. I feel so sorry for them. As you said, they probably wonder why their lives have been turned upside down. So do we! A cat requires such a small amount of actual work, and gives its owners so much in return.
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