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Introducing: Rodeo!

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Just over three weeks ago, I found a kitten crying in the woods near my apartment. Once I determined he wasn't a feral, I took him in immediately. I went back a couple times and didn't see any other kittens nor any sign of mum, and none of my neighbors admitted to losing any kittens, so it looks like this little orphan is here to stay. He was about 6 weeks old when I found him, I kept him in quarantine from my other two cats until he was combo tested and dewormed. I felt bad for him since he was by himself, so I played with him a lot, trying to socialize him and teach him to be a good cat. I think my hand became his "sibling" because he cuddled right up to it, and also would "attack" it! =) His enthusiastic ability to latch onto my hand and ride it like a bronco earned him the name Rodeo. He's about 9 weeks old now and is doing great.

He's such a handsome boy!

Hello, handsome friend!
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After the combo test was negative and I got some dewormer into him, I sort of hastened the introduction with my other two cats, because I felt bad locking him in my bedroom all alone and because I thought my other cats would teach him to be a cat better than I. Patience growled and hissed at him at first, but once she asserted her dominance, all three of them get along famously now.

Patience and Rodeo horsing around:

Flower and Rodeo taking a nap:

What happens when a little bit of kitten food for Rodeo is offered along with adult cat food for the older girls (empty bowls were wet food):

And Rodeo sucking up the attention from his new family:
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Oh, he is CUTE!! I love that first pictures. Looks as if he is seriously contemplating what to get into next!
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He sure is a cutie!! And looks like he's got EVERYone around his little paw!
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look at that handsome boy!!!I love him!!
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Bless your heart for taking him in.
He's just adorable
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Your cat is so adorable! I love the name Rodeo!
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He's adorable, they have certainly accepted him as family
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He is beautiful! And it's nice to see him getting along so well with the other kitties in the house.

We've thought about getting Dusty a kitten, but she has been the only kitty for the past 3+ years and I'm just not sure that she would like a friend. She is so affectionate with us that I'm afraid she would be too jealous and unhappy.
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Cute cat!

I love the first picture... have never seen a cat pose harder than that. He's so photogenic.
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my favorite pic is that second one
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Awwww, what a cutie!!
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Oh he is so cute! Rodeo is very photogenic, indeed! I love the little orange spot above his lip.
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Such a handsome little fella! I love his name too.... it looks like is whole Family has accepted him awesomely! That last picture is SO CUTE!!!! I love it!
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Now that is serious cuteness!
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I look forward to seeing more of him
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Thanks everyone! He's my little cuddlebug, indeed. =) I will keep all updated!
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What a doll! That last pic of the three of them cuddled up together just touched my heart. I can only imagine little Rodeo feels very blessed!
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Aww what a handsome baby boy he is. I love the one of all 3 of them all cuddled up together

I am so happy you found him out there in the woods crying for you all alone. Who knows what would have happened to him without you. Then to see how he is so loved by all, just shows how it was all meant to be. Welcome Home Rodeo
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Aww I love the second pic. he's so cute and fluffyy
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kittens are the best! theyre so clumsy and playful! it almost makes you wish they stayed like that forever...but theyre really mischevious when theyre young
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aww your kitten is adorable
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Your kitten is so precious! Love his coloring!! Hes a fluffy cutie
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Oh, he is precious!!! What beautiful fur!
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What a DOLL! looks like he's a favorite of everyone. I love the bum cleaning picture.
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O...M....G He is so cute!!
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Oh he is so cute and it looks like he is fitting right in.
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awww he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! very original name too i love it!!
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