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5 Fuzzheads, 1 recreational urinator

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I read the sticky note, and I'll make arrangements to take her to the vet shortly.

I have 5 cats, two older ones and 3 litter mates that are a little over 1 year old. One of the litter mates, Sorrow, has taken to peeing on any laundry on the floor and my bed. She is quite unabashed about it; not an hour ago she hopped on the bed next to me and then got down to business on the blanket by my elbow. Sorrow is a nice cat, but she is notably slower than the others. She is also the only female. The rest of the family uses the litter boxes properly, but I'm afraid that they'll take her bad example, and then I'll have a nightmare on my hands.

When I rescued the litter, they had bad urinary habits because they started on someone's porch. It took a long time for them to accept the box. At this point, her brothers use it properly and have since they were young.

This all started when my roommate and I went out of town for two days in March. At the same time, I had been experimenting with a different kitty litter successfully until that point. When we got back, our bed was soaked, the kitty-bed soaked beyond repair, and every single piece of cloth on the floor or couch was too. It was monstrous. I cleaned everything with enzymes, and since then the problem goes away for a while and then comes back. I have been using the familiar litter since then.

I'm at the end of my wits. I've taken the suggestions in the sticky note in mind, but I was hoping for a response tailored to this particular situation, if possible. Please help.
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Addendum- I have 2 litterboxes and clean them daily. I've witnessed her using them sporadically, but it doesn't stop her from going elsewhere too.

We're going to be buying a new house in a few months, and that will give us more room.
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I think you need to get a few more litter boxes. I think the rule of thumb is two litter boxes per cat.
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So you suggest that I get 10 litterboxes?
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I have always been told 1 litter box per cat + 1 extra. Even my Vet suggests that.

As far as your kitty problem I am not sure what to suggest sorry.
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If I were you, I'd buy two more litter boxes right away. That would bring you up to four, which is still less than the number of cats you have, but might help the situation noticeably. Sure, it's best to have them all in different places, but if your female cat has gotten picky about cleanliness since your trip, even having two right next to each other will help a lot.
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One big factor is the "feel" of the litter. The more it feels like potting soil, the happier a cat will be. Most tolerate clay litters, but it probably wouldn't be the first choice. The crystal stuff seems to be painful to their paws.

Ah, but a bed, or dirty THAT feels wonderful!

Have I given you a hint yet?
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you might try the CatAttract litter or additive - it's worked well for me!
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You definitely need a couple more litter boxes as well as the litter can be a factor. Another issue can be if there is a dominant cat that intimidates another to the point of scent boundaries, they will repeatedly mark litter boxes any way.
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I have six cats and have..umm...I think Im up to 9 boxes now

I have pee problems of my own but Ill be sending no more recreational peeing vibes your way
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