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Ha! I won a power struggle

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Cleo, my midnight raider and I have had a silent struggle going on between us. He is one of those cats that digs to the bottom of the litter and then urinates on the box leaving big bottom clumps and forcing me to wash the pan out more often than necessary.
I bought a HUGE litterbox for HUGE dogs that is pretty deep. I also use Cat Attract litter and it is really heavy. SO I can now fill up the box really high. Last night I heard someone digging in it and digging and digging so I went to look. It was Cleo and finally he gave up and just went. Then he went to his cat tree climbed on top and flopped onto his side like he had just run a marathon.
Score one for me.
Me-1 vs the Cats-937
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That's too funny! I've seen George dig and dig and can't help but wonder where he thinks he's going! It cracks me up to think he tired himself out from all the digging!!
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I have one who scratches everywhere but the litter to cover. She can go for 10 minutes straight scratching the sides.
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Mine scratches lightly at one end while her other end is going, and she never tries to cover it up.
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That's too cute!

Chynna is a digger like that too. She likes a really full litter box, but if I keep it too full both end up over shooting the side, so I only fill it 1/2 way and Chynna digs down to the plastic and goes on the plastic and then makes a mountain over the top.

I only clean the box out every 2 weeks though. In between I just scoop, scrape and add more litter.
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Shark and Arwen are the main kitties who use the litter box (Brandy goes outside) and I can imagine one of these days I'm gonna find a hole in one of the corners of the box where they keep digging, and maybe the carpet underneath will start to disappear too
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They are so determined when you watch them dig. Seldon is my corner pee pee boy. This new box is rounded and in fact all of my boxes are round at the corners but he finds a way.
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