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Friday DT

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My house seems to be "Cat Central", this morning. Toby, from next door, is out in the alley, chasing birds and teasing the dogs. The big cream-colored fella, from two doors down, is out front, chatting with Opie through the window. I think that I have the only indoor cats, in the neighborhood so everybody comes to visit.

Sam's baby shower is tonight. If I get home, before 10, I'll be lucky. I don't like to be out on the highway, at night but I'm taking my cell phone and gun with me. Mom's going with me. She, Sam and her mom are the only ones that I'll know there. Mom said that she spent $71 on stuff. At Target, that's a lot of stuff.

I'll probably spend most of the weekend in the backyard. The annual air show is at the AF base. I live less than two miles, from the flight line and will be able to see all of the aerial displays, from home. I really don't want to fight the crowds, on post. The Thunderbirds came screaming in, Wednesday.

Have a good weekend.
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Hi! Hope the shower was fun. Doesn't the air show scare your cats? My mom lives right near Offut AB outside Omaha, and you can watch their air show from the back deck. The dogs and cat hide down in the basement while it's going on - the one dog actually gets in his carrier, and my mom has to cover it with a light blanket so that he feels fairly safe. I was at an air show at Willowgrove, PA, as a kid, when there was a collision, and ever since the conflagration at Ramstein AFB here in Germany, where over 100 were killed, the shows make me very nervous.
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I have been to one air show,it was neat!I was a Army wife,I am more
used to tank's!Not a lot going on today.Beautful out side .60's.Anybody doing any thing this weekend?Right now nothing.
Have a great weekend.Be safe.
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Interviewed 10 students today for a co-op placement. Some were good and some were horrible! Because we were doing the interviews off site I was home over an hour earlier then normal! It was a nice change. Hubby seems to have the stomach flu, but is still eating, so instead of getting better it is only getting worse! I will probably go over to my dad's this weekend and help around the house. I have to do a Petsmart run or kitties will be in desperate need of food by mid week!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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I have to work from 4-9:30 for only today. Usually this would be mid-week, but I got tomorrow off so Darrell and I can drive up to Courtenay to visit my grandma. She's giving us a new mattress that Sears screwed her over on and a glass coffee table. She's slowly giving us all her junk LOL well, I guess that's what family is for. I just love the smell of her. It must be her perfume, *sniff* I'm getting all nostalgic just remembering. ahh this is dumb, she's healthier than me! She's 66, drinks beer, smokes, plays baseball for two teams and I'm getting nostalgic thinking of her. I'm I weird???

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I dident get out of my pj's all day and now its time to get ready for bed again. Well at least im allready dressed.
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That is what I did today!I am setting here playing games!!
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