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Need some help!

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I have a problem and I need some help. My Dh and I just got a new mattress set last week. Tonight while I am trying to sleep I hear this ripping sound. It is the sound of my cat, clawing and chewing at the box spring. He has managed to rip a large hole and several smaller holes into the cloth in the bottom of the box spring already. He did the same type of thing to my old box spring when he was a kitten. I didn't mind then because the mattress had holes before he got to them, plus it was 10-15 years old. But this mattress hasn't been in our home a week!!
Has anyone had this type of problem? How can I stop Limerick from destroying my new box spring? I don't want him eating the fabric!
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About the only thing you can do is block is ability to get under there. I'd suggest putting the box spring on a platform type support or directly on the floor, instead of legs where there is a space under the bed.

Another thing you could do if you don't want to do that is to buy a bunch of those under bed storage units and fill up the space so that he can't get under.
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I know what you mean! My girls have ripped the cloth under my foundation too! We got the girls 1 month after we got the new bed. I am going to get a staple gun and repair it when I remember.

They haven't been doing it for awhile now. They have gone on to other things to destroy... Like trying to clime my new curtains. Luckily, I only paid $28 for them with the curtain rod.
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Yes my cats ripped the one under my daughter's bed then climbed up there to hang out. They stopped doing it when I blocked them. If you have any books you don't care about you can stack them under the bed.
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I had the same problem with my Cats I had years ago. They would hide up inside the box springs. My Dad put wood across the bottom.
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