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True Love??? Geez

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Recently, my big Tabby Alex has been very sick. I had to syringe feed him and give him meds twice a day for the last month and a half. He is much better now, but still very thin.
Last night, hubby and I were lying in bed side by side, and Alex came up and laid on my chest. He was purring and giving me head-butt kisses. Hubby said, "He sure does love you!". I remarked that I didn't know why, since I had been forcing stuff down him for so long. Hubby said, "Because he knows that you saved his life"
I drifted off to sleep knowing that Alex loves me.
Then, at 4:15 we were awakened by Alex by my head making snorting and wheezing noises and shaking his head. He came down by my side and I told hubby that I was worried about Alex. I encouraged him to come up on my chest so I could feel his breathing. He did. And then he dropped a MOUSE right on my FACE!!!
OMG! I totally freaked out, jumped out of bed and turned on the light! Of course the mouse was gone!
Poor Alex was very disappointed that I didn't like his gift and let it get away.
I guess it's a good sign that he feels well enough to hunt....
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You are truly loved when your cat brings you a mouse. Though most don't drop them on your face.
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Awww that is so sweet.
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I would have FREAKED OUT The story started off so nice I really wans't expecting a MOUSE BEING DROPPED ON YOUR FACE
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That is so darn cute and that's why I'm glad my cat can't get outside where the mousies are. Your kittie sure loves you alot (I think they know when we are helping them too)
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I just think that cats love the reaction when they drop gross stuff on us. Alex knows he can drop a mouse on you as revenge for the meds, but still get told he's a good boy for bringing you presents.
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He brought you a nice, fresh mousie for your your breakfast. How sweet!
I probably would have soiled myself if one of mine had done that. Yuck! It was a nice gesture, though. He loves his meowmy.
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Aww, he really does love you. A nice mouse all for mommy!

This is why I am very glad we don't have mice at our house! I have had dead birds brought to me, though.
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ugh! I just got home from work and went to change clothes. I smelled this horr!ible smell, but couldn't find it. After hunting around under everything in my bedroom, I found the poor dead mouse that Alex dropped on me. It was huge.....I'm so sick. I had to pick it up to get it out of here. Ewwwwwww!
I sure hope he never does that again!!
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Ooooh no! I probably would have cried if my cat dropped a mouse on my face at 4:15 am, and I probably would have been horrified if I smelled dead mouse later! He was probably very proud of his gift to you, though
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Yes, he was proud, then he was disappointed because it got away. Now I am washing everything that was in my dresser because that smell is so strong, and I don't want to smell like a dead mouse!
I know he loves me, and I really love him.
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Ew. I can't even imagine if mine did that..I'd proly have to call EMS for a heart attack!
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We have "mouse check" at the door. lol I thought they had run off all the mice until I realized they were "importing" them from neighbors houses. Neighbors are grateful, we are not so much. It's not the dead ones so much that get me, its the ones that still have a little kick in them. lol
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