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For more than a year, Ashley and Buddy were not allowed inside by Wawa. Nowadays they can come and go as they please. Buddy however, yowls when he sees any of the other cats get near him as he relaxes indoors. Consequently, this behavior causes the others especially the young ones to change from a friendly approach to an angry one.
Picture this scenario - Buddy sits by the sofa. Wawa passes by and Buddy starts yowling. Wawa ignores him and so do the older cats. However, young Ichi runs up twitching the end of his tail in challenge. Buddy's fur starts puffing up and he gets louder. Ichi does the same thing. Now they are surrounded by an audience of cats.
Then I come up and say "What is going on?" The crowd breaks up.

Is Buddy looking for a fight? Or is he just not sure where he stands in the pecking order?

PS: No health problems.