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I know this is a site for cat lovers, but I feel among friends here and so I hope this okay to post. Mine and my mother's dog Joey died a few months ago, and I've been thinking about him a lot lately with having our kittens. I really miss him, but it helps knowing that we rescued him from a worse fate. He came to us by chance, showing up on our back doorstep a few years ago. He was wet, thin, dirty, matted, and friendly as he could be. We took him in and made him our own and he had a good life after that. When he died, we dug a grave for him in the backyard and he lies there still. I just wanted to put it out there that we had a wonderful, sweet little dog and that I'm so glad he found us. Bye puppy, we love you.

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All creatures great and small are welcome here Look at that gorgeous face as well

Run happily across the bridge to play Joey

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Bless you for rescuing him. Although he would have been such a joy for your current kittens to have him around, he is now frolicking over RB with the other RB puppies and kittens - I like to picture such a cute little fellow playing with my little almost-foster ferals who are also now over RB. Condolences to your mom and you on losing your little prince
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What cute dog!!! Rest in Peace Joey.
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I'm not surprised you miss such an adorable and cheerful looking little guy. I'm sorry for your loss.
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what a gorgeous boy. he looks so happy and loved.

bless your heart for rescuing him, many would have turned him away.

RIP precious joey, you will be missed so much.
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