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New Nikita photos

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She's been doing some high quality Napping this weekend now

I had a Eurovision party yesterday and she was really social and charmed everyone but the change in routine was rather draining, clearly.

Of course she's still a fierce hunter, even when chilled out

and here's a short clip of her going after Da Bird
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the poor worn out girl! bet she was the real star of your party.

simply gorgeous photos of your gorgeous nikita!
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Aww she is gorgeous, stunning shots as well
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Wonderful, wonderful shots, as always, of your lovely girl. And, Da Bird had better watch out -- he's got his work cut out!
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Oh, she is so pretty! What an adorable exhausted one!!
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Awww she's so pretty! I love the contented smile on her face in the first pic
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OMG she hunts Da Bird with no break and look how high shes jumping. Mine just kind of sit back and stretch their paws out as the feather passes by them

She is such a gorgeous girl
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Wow, she has beautiful colors & markings! Great photos!
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I have one of those stratcher things. My cats LOVE IT best 20 bucks I ever spent on them

I think it goes without saying how absolutely gorgeous Nikita is. So stunning!

I loved hearing her feet hit the ground in the video, what power! She could pluck a bird out of the sky no doubt!
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Nikita is so beautiful. I think after chasing Da Bird . she needs some rest
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She's so pretty! Very nice pictures.
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She is so gorgeous!!!
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Wow she is a gorgeous girl I love the photos of her sleeping - she looks so peaceful
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Amazing eyes, she is a gorgeous girl! Spoiled and happy too
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: again you have some gorgeous photos of your baby. She is one pretty pretty girl!
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