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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and warmer here this morning.

Off work today, not feeling to hot so decided a day of R&R was in Order.

So far this morning I made it as far as my desk which is far enough for now.

Most like just putter around at my computer and nap this afternoon.

Kitties seem happy to have me home they are all hanging out on my desk trying to be helpful.

Everyone have a good day
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I haven't really done much today, just hanging out and helping put some things together for the bbq later, and playing with the animals.. and checking stuff online. Probably won't be doing too much today. People are coming over later to eat and hang around for a while. I probably won't even know half of them.
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Nothing much today. We were going to go to Church this morning but decided not to. We may or may not go out to supper tonight. I'm definatly going to watch the MEERKAT MANOR movie tonight.
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I'm not doing much today. Just sitting around and will probably do some cleaning later. I got in pretty late last night, we went to the drive in. We didn't stay for the third movie even though it was one I wanted to see. The second movie wasn't over until 1:30am and I didn't want to be there until like 3:30am.
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I usually do laundry on Sundays but since I am off tomorrow, I will do it then. I am just going to vegetate today. Watch Nascar later and play on the computer. I should clean the bathtub, but I need to wake up first.
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We went to a yard sale this morning then started on some stuff outside. John went with his parents to the store for some groceries, and I stayed here to get some cleaning done. That's done and now I'm just relaxing until he gets back and then it'll be back outside until he's ready to come in tonight. The weather is great today so we're enjoying it while we can since it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
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On a normal Sunday would be church, lunch with my folks and rest this afternoon.
Since we have a 50th anniversary to cater this afternoon, should have been finishing up the food for it, delivering, setting up and keeping everything full....BUT

Since I'm still home sick, I'm sitting on my butt reading, sleeping, watching tv and poking around on the 'net while my wonderful hub does todays catering (he did at least call his sister and brother in law in to help him). The only way I have to do anything is if they don't show.......and I think if they don't I may just have to kill them, lol!
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My body feels like it's going to fall apart! Wayyy too much log lifting yesterday. Been kind of lazy most of the day. Been reading "No Country for Old Men" and surfing the internet. Went to the store earlier to grab some food to make tonight. We are making brats, pasta, steaks, burgers, etc for the neighbor and his cousin for helping us yesterday with the wood. I'm just hoping DH doesnt over-drink tonight! He's never usually that fun anymore when drunk (at least not to me, he cracks the neighbor and his cousin up, because they're usually on the same level of drunkeness!)

I think that's all we've got for today. I dont even really want to go to some big cookout. Hopefully we'll go to the beach tomorrow, though when I asked DH what we are doing, his response was "I dunno." Probably hasnt been listening to me mention the beach for a week now!
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not too much planned for today...We are going lawn mower shopping and possibly getting a grill...after that we will come back for a nice relaxing evening of cleaning the house...sounds like fun! Have a good day everyone
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Well as I always read these what are your plans posts after the day has ended Here is what I got up to.

Got up at about 6.30, went on computer for a couple of hours. Had breakfast with the wife at about 9.30. Visited my Mum and Dad untill about 2.00. Came home and cooked a roast pork dinner whilst watching the Monaco GP, Lewis Hamilton!! the boy did good, and then here I am back at the computer again. All in all quite relaxing, I plan to go off early in the morning to take a few pictures, what of I dont know, but my guess is a duck will be in one of the shots, they always do
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