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Photo's of the kittens at 6/7 weeks old!

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The kittens 7 weeks old now, here are some recent pics;

this is pepper, one of my friends sisters is going to keep her;


the 2 black and white ones are being re-homed together.

and one of big brother ziggy!

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They are all just cute as can be, but Pepper and Ziggy have the most unique coloring. Beautiful!
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Ohhhhhhhhh they are beautiful!!!!

p.s. Do you know what dad looks like? Surprising to see that mama have 2 tuxedo kittens. They are very beautiful.
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Thanks for your comments, mum is a tortie and we know that at least a tabby is the dad, but not sure if there was tuxedo tom on the scene or whether that colouring just came from the mum? I'm not sure how these things work!
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Aww, they're so cute! We have tuxedo kittens too, they're almost four weeks old.. and two all black kittens with them.
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very cute!
Ziggy's a boy? w/that coloring, i would've guessed girl!
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They are so cute!
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Cute photos!
I love the twin tuxedo kittens.
That's great that they are going to a new home together.
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Pepper and Ziggy are brown patched tabbies. But with Ziggy, he's a rarer MALE patched tabby - the patched tabby is like torties/calicos - almost all the time a female.

I think the poster should enter Ziggy in a show - I'm sure he'd take lots of ribbons and give the judges a double take - they'd be checking their books to see if he's really a male patched tabby!
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Ziggy is one gorgeous boy.
The little kittens are cuties. It is amazing that a litter can look so different.
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I love this pic!!!They are so cute!!
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Oh My gosh they are beautiful!

Pepper looks like my baby...her markings dilouted a bit once she wasn't a kitten anymore.

Such prescious babies! I love their 'jungle gym' !
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