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Premium canned with chunks?

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My Gracie is fat. She doesn't eat much. Between her and Gypsy, they get about a cup of dry a day, and split a 3oz can, or 1/4 of a 5.5oz can. Even on a light formula dry food (Chicken Soup), she gained another pound this past year, and is now tipping the scale near 16 pounds. She was a little overweight at 12 pounds.

So I want to get her to eat more canned food, less dry. Up until now, the canned food was just a treat at night, so I didn't fuss too much about brands because I was happy with the dry they were eating.

The hard part is... finding a quality canned food she'll actually eat. I've tried different flavors of Eagle Pack and Natural Balance, and both she and Gypsy (not overweight, or at least not much overweight and not gaining every year) turned their nose up at everything. Gypsy will eat the one flavor of Wellness I've tried, but Gracie wasn't very interested.

She seems to like chunks or flakes better than pate style foods. She adores Fancy Feast Elegant Entrees, Meow Mix in the pouches or cups, & will eat Nutro in the pouches, but I think I could do a lot better quality wise for the amount those cost. But I'm also tired of throwing food away. (Now that I have the kittens, though, they'll eat anything the big cats won't, so it doesn't really go to waste.)

So... any suggestions for a chunky cat who likes chunky foods? Is the Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, or Nutro (it sounds bad to phrase it this way) "good enough?"
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Wellness has food in pouches that are like moist chunks with gravy. My cats go wild over it. The pet store near me told me that they can hardly keep it stocked since it came out. Plus the gravy adds extra moisture. You can get a few and see.
Weruva has a food that is shredded chicken in gravy.
Tiki cat has mackerel that are actual chunks.
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i think the merrick's is a chunky-style food... i know mine wouldn't eat it [they're pate cats].
the MM pouches & tubs are actually fairly high quality for a supermarket food. i stopped feeding them due to the high fish component.
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to the above... also by nature has pouches that are GRAIN free and seem to go over well...

MM is good quality for the $$

Wellness is thrown up here but I think it is a oat allergy
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