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Meco the protector

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Here's a new one for me. I have a torti that I raised from 3 weeks, her mama was feral and abandoned 3 babies at my work. I found homes for two, after weeks of bottle feeding and toilet training, and kept her. She has a new behavior (she's 2 now) and I don't know what to make of it. My daughter(10) and I have been going thru that tween phase lately, the usual eye rolls,talking back and whinning (mostly her lol), nothing mean but voices get louder and louder. Lately when this happens Meco rushes in and jumps in the middle of us. Even if we are playing a game and my daughter gets excited and raises her voice. She doesn't meow or bite or get defensive, just wants to be involved. Her newest trick is that she will jump on my shoulders to get in the middle of it all. We are so fascinated by this behavior that we will create situations to see if she comes running, she does. Loud giggling as only a 10 year old girl can do gets the cat running hard. Although we find this behaviour extremely funny, I would hate to think we are stressing her out. Anyone else been through this? My hubby thinks the cat just wants to be part of the "girls" and is nosy, but it is such a sudden change in personality for her, as she is usually a snob.
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I think mine are so used to the loud TV that if they hear people arguing for real, they would not care.
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Thats so interesting. I just think she wants to see whats going on. Investigating.
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Hmmm. My cats come if I am crying.
Maybe she is one of those curious cats who has to be in the know all of the time.
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We think she is curious too. She doesn't seem to want to "protect" as much as she wants to be in the mix. lol It's such a turnaround from her usual snobby behaviour. We like it though, she is becomming more snuggly with us, so maybe it's a good thing.
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