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Dry food vs canned food...

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I am worried about my Mixy because she no loger wants to eat dry food.
This started because I began to feed them (Mixy and Tom) cannned food.
Tom still eats the dry one when I give him but Mixy refuses to eat it.
Is there anything I can do for her?
Or is the solution to start giving her canned food from now on?
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Canned is BETTER for overall health than dry so let her be
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In the long run, canned food is better. She may nibble on the dry when you are not around, but as long as you are feeding canned, give it to her. Maybe try a few pieces of dry on top if you want.

My guys get dry in the morning and canned at night.
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Canned food is better for cats than dry food.
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I will keep her on the canned then.
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We feed our cats both and they have no problem with it, but my husband's family cats were always free-fed dry food to supplement their two wet meals a day and they would ONLY ever touch it if they got really, really hungry. The last one just passed and he was 19 - never had any major health issues at all! Feed her what she will eat - she will be fine. You could leave some dry around for her to nibble on if she feels like it, but don't worry.
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I do mix the canned with only a little bit of dry. It is mostly canned.
Tom on the other hand doesn't seem to mind and eats both kinds.

What about the amount of the canned food? How much should they eat?
I give them half of a can to each. (the medium sized flat can)
Maybe I have to feed them a whole can for each?
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Usually on the cans it will say how much. It depends on weight and activity level of the cats.
I am going to give you a link that has some good information in it about why feed wet food.

This is not to offend anyone in this thread I just wanted to offer you some extra info. My cats have not eaten dry since they first came from the shelters. I would get what they were used to and then switch within a week. They only eat canned and raw food. Their teeth are white and sparkling. Their litter boxes do not stink and their coats are like touching silk. In fact Cleo and Mary had a yearly yesterday and they are healthy. I do offer crunchy treats though.
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Mine are medium size and get about 1/3 of a can per meal (6 oz can). So I would not give yours anymore then the 1/2 can per cat. Charlie is a solid muscle 11 lbs and Ling is about 9 1/2 - 10 lbs.
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I feed mine both as well. They get some wet both in the morning and evening but they have a bowl of dry at all times. I find that often they will have a few kibbles from it then move on..
My theory whatever makes them happy...
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for your replies.
As you say, tierre0, whatever makes them happy!
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