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Craig and I were talking tonight. Our babies will be turning 2 on April 1st. (ALREADY!!) All three boys are sooo big and we were talking about how much we miss them being kittens, clumsy, and silly. He really loves the Russian Blue, and I do as well. So after talking.. he has made a deal with me.

If I can figure out a way to teach our boys to use the toilet instead of the litter box.. we'll get a new kitty. I'm so excited, only now I have to figure out exactly HOW to make them use the toilet.

Tonight I put the litterbox on top of the toilet in the bathroom downstairs, and sat down with them for a while by the litterbox to show them where it was. I think they like it better up there because its a bit higher off the ground and they love heights (as do most cats). I'll see how that goes for a while.. and then I'll try taking the cover off the box, and eventually just put the bag on the toilet and see how they do.

Gonna make a stop at Border's Bookstore and see if I can find a book on toilet training cats as well. Craig had two cats that were trained to use the toilet, and he loved no having a mess to clean up.

I think I'm in for a big adventure.

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wow,cool! if you can figure out how to do it, will you let me know??? I would love to teach roo how to do that, Tigger would NEVER let me teach her anything as demeaning as acting like a human . Sounds like fun. Good luck!
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Good luck! Keep us posted!
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at my petsmart there is actually a 'kit' with instructions. I'm sure you can find loads on amazon.com as well.

good luck! and let us know how it goes!
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I'm going to move this for you to care and grooming, where I think you'll get some good advice on 'potty' training. Good luck!
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I am also in the Bay Area and have a wonderful Russian Blue furbaby. Have you picked out a breeder? If you need a lead on a breeder, holler because I would get another kitty from my furbaby's breeder in a second.

You can also go to the cat shows when they come around (every few months there is one within half hour to hour drive from the Bay Area) and meet the breeders themselves. To me the most important thing besides health is how the kitties are raised, if they are underfoot or in cages. The early socialization is so important — particularly for cats that tend to be shy like the Russians.
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Please pm me, I'd like to get some more information from you on the breeder Thanks so much!

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Good luck with this, I hope it goes well!!!
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