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What is wrong with Nemesis????

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I don't talk much about Nemesis because she's not one of my more, uh, attention-seeking kitties but as I'm sitting here at the computer she is rubbing all over me and walking around the desk, purring up a storm! I swear in the almost year and a half I'd had her she has never done this!

She's a very nice kitty, just has never been much for affection, but man is she in the mood tonight! is there a full moon or did someone switch kitties on me
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She sounds exactly like my Spooky Bear. He's not an affectionate cat at ALL but every once in awhile he will come up to me and jump in my la pand rub against me and purr like crazy. I always ask him if he's been abducted by aliens. I enjoy it while it lasts though, because it usually doesn't last very long.
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I dunno, but sounds like Nem has been talking to Ophelia....try to touch her & you might get killed, but if she wants some attention, there ain't no ignoring that girl!
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It's not very often I get my cuddles from Brandy, but when I do, I make the most of them He will curl up in my lap and stay there for a while getting all the fuss and strokes from me, and he will also purr for ages too.
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Seldon is a sweetheart and is affectionate in his own way but he is not a lap cat. Lately he has been flopping next to me and wanting more rubs. I like it and hope it lasts. Since I moved into a bigger place he was off exploring all of the time but lately...
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Maybe she just decided to try being loved on and petted. It only took Pearl 7 years to decide she liked to be petted and played with.
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maybe she saw a hottie male cat
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Awww good girl Nemesis! You know if she decides she likes this being petted thing, there's going to be no stopping her!
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