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The Boys

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These are my doggies, Dodger and Cato. They had to stay behind at my parents when I got married as they are BIG boys and wouldn't quite fit into our apartment! I miss them like crazy, but we go visit them every chance we get.

Cato (the troublemaker, but oh so cute )

Dodger (an absolute sweetheart )

Cato has a particular talent for dismantling doghouses

Now he is trying to bury a doghouse in a hole (but he insists that he is innocent, of course )
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They're adorable!
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They are so cute!!!!

What kind of dogs are they? I'm pretty sure I see some blue healer. I take either any day to be a farm dog!
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cato has too be border collie maye crossed?
but there both adorable
love the house dismantaling
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Dodger is definitely a Heeler mix of some kind. He just showed up at our house one day when I was an undergraduate in college. He was terribly skinny, covered in fleas and ticks, and it was apparent that he had been abused. Of course, we took him in, cleaned him up and gave him lots of love. He was our only dog for several years until we got Cato, who is a Border Collie/Black Lab mix. Cato has brought the puppy out in Dodger and it's an absolute delight to see them play...and dismantle doghouses. Cato is the main culprit, though, as Dodger can't quite figure out to move them and everything.
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Aww cute Dogs!!!

I just want to hug Cato!!! he has such a pretty face!!
Dodger looks kinda like my Kumar (Australian Cattle Dog), hes so pretty!... Maybe hes ACD/Blue Heeler-Collie Mix..?

I love both there coloring!!
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