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I think i'm caught up now!

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I was bad and skipped a few days :LOL: But I think i got caught up

So how is everyone? Anything new?

Lilly seems to be doing okay. I'm trying to keep a close eye on her and get her to come in the house. She will walk up to the door but she won't come in, and I don't want to scare her. I figured if i get her in, i'll just make a normal vet appoinmet and get her fixed that way. Dh scared the black cat away and I haven't seen him in awhile. There is a big orange guy hanging out there now. I'm going to try to bring snow white in (posted over in the feral forum) but i'm not sure if it is the right thing to do.

My business is doing okay. I'm doing an get ready for warm weather anklet sale right now. Looking for more ways to promote the store. i would like to be selling 5-8 items a day at least and right now i'm around 2. Which I guess is good for only being open for two and a half weeks.

well this is getting long!! Just wanted to update you guys!
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Have you got models??? I've got pretty slim ankles...

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:LOL: I was thinking about that. Looking for people with nice legs to show of the anklets :LOL: my kitty neo said he would model the necklaces but i don't trust him to to chew on them
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ha ha ha I think he would do it when you weren't looking then blame it on one of the ferals :LOL:
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Val, if you're already selling 2 items a day with only being open that long I think you're doing very well. It takes a while for a business to get off the ground.

Hmmm, more ways to promote.....Have you talked to Mary Anne about being a prize for one of the Meowhoo contests? I could see your products making a nice Matchitt game, and that would get everyone who plays to your website. Or you could be a part of the Scavenger Hunt they have every month. I know you have a listing, but unless someone is *looking* for your type of product they may not see you. The games are a great way to get people looking.
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ohhhh I would be happy to sponser a contest I'm the member of the month sponser for the other board I go to
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