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New Meerkat manor season starts tomorrow.

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This has probably already been mentioned elsewhere but I am doubly excited about this season because I am renting the "virtual DVR" from DirecTV and $5 a month and store 200 hours of programming. For another $10 you can get an HD DVR but I am passing on that for now until this whole new blueray war has a clear victor. I was one of the last to own a Beta and I swore that 8 track was the way to go.
I was watching the last Meerkat program of the season last night with my SIL and she had never seen or heard of this program before even though she is a great animal lover (she is taking care of Persi & Alley). Needless to say, she is now hooked big time.
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I just watched it for the first time last night! There was several hours of it on Animal Planet, and I think I finally dozed off at about 3am. Who knew a show about meerkats could be so dramatic? Great show!
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Love the show, and it is also one of Linus and Pixie's favorites as well. As soon as they hear the little chirpy sounds on TV they are parked right in front of it..
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I have been watching Meerkat Manor since day one of the very first season and I fell in love with them. I cried my eyes out when Flower died, tonight is the movie about her. Actually in my area the new season does not start till June 1st and I am so looking forward to it altho I cry as much as I smile while watching this excellent show. I read about the 8 to 10 people who do this show and the Meerkats have become very friendly with these people, even jump on them. Also read that TB is a major killer of the MK and that there are no meds to help them. Most of them die way below ground in their tunnels, Flower died tho where they could see her. Anyway it was a very interesting website and video, I learned a lot watching it. Enjoy the new season.
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I don't think that show is on where I live.
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It's on Animal Planet, which I watch all the time, but somehow I had never caught this show until the other night. I can't wait for the movie about Flower tonight, and after that they are supposed to have a "Making of Meerkat Manor" show. Should be interesting!
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i dont have a clue when its back in the UK
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watched MEERKAT MANOR THE STORY BEGINS? I thought it was very well done. Course it also made me realize how much I miss Flower.
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