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Help! Desperately need home for 13 y.o. cat by 6/1!

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I need help!! I have a 13 y.o. cat named Friday and an unavoidable situation in which my fiancee is moving into my small apartment on June 1st who is EXTREMELY allergic to her (throat closes up, can't breathe). The other reason is that both of our jobs require us to travel quite a bit and it's not fair to Friday to leave her by herself for extended periods of time.

I live in the Central NJ area. Friday is a beatiful calico, domestic-short-haired female, who's been declawed (previous owner). She's an indoor cat, quite docile, likes to lay in the sun on my balcony (although can't be left out to roam because declawed), and could be considered a "lap cat".

She's just about the prettiest cat with the softest fur that I've ever met. She's also the friendliest if you treat her with care - however, she's not too fond of loud noises or lots of hustle and bustle - so perhaps not a good fit for a home with young children or other animals.

Please e-mail me at juliehollywood@hotmail.com if you are interested in providing a loving home to this kitty who deserves it.

Edited to add: I will drive her to her new home myself or arrange transportation.
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I am running out of time! Right now I am just looking for someone to
foster my kitty's care until I can find her a permanent home. If
someone is willing to open their home and heart to my beautiful kitty
for fostering until I am able to get a home for her, I will provide
food and litter. I will provide transportation to your house (prefer
it to be in the tri-state area NY, NJ, PA). I DON'T WANT TO BRING
HER TO A SHELTER, even a no-kill one, if I don't have to, but like I
said, time is running out. Please help me and Friday the cat.
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It breaks my heart every time I can't help a cat in need. I am in CA.
Julie, I really hope you find a new home for Friday.
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i am also too far away, i'm in British Columbia, Canada...

i hope you find someone who can help you, i wish that i could, and
i'm sorry you have to give up your cat, that must be really hard for you
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Hi all,

Thanks for all your concern about my kitty, Friday and all of the advice I've gotten. It turns out that I'm going to be able to keep her after all. We cleaned (actually HE cleaned) the whole apartment of cat hair, which was everywhere since I'm not much of a housekeeper myself! Also we've been keeping her out of the bedroom and brushing her outside on my balcony, and I may even get that Allercat stuff so many people have been suggesting next time I make it to the pet store. It all seems to be working out fine, and if he feels like he's starting not to be able to breathe he just goes outside or into the bedroom.

I'm so glad I'm able to keep her and I'm sure she is too. At her age, it would be too traumatic to move and get used to new people, I think.

Thanks again
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I'm so happy for you and Friday!
I love happy endings!
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Julie, I am so happy that you will be keeping Friday!
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