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Luxor figured out how to get on top of

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the stove hood..........

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Hehe curious little boy!
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What a goofball! He looks like he is making an inspection to make sure it is going to be as good a hideout as he thought it would.
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Did he let himself into the cupboards, too?
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what a daredevil!!!
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Oh no we opened them because Stoli was up there and Luxor didn't know how to open the cupboards - now he does. It's his and Stoli's new favorite sleeping place. I'm glad we took all the stuff out of there - all we keep is towels now.
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Now why do i think of Jack when i see your little mischief maker there
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Fluffy has not gotten to the stove hood yet, that we know of, but she loves the kitchen cabinets. She will push stuff out of her way, breaking it in several cases, or just lay in a big bowl or plate. I have to wash everything before I use it. I had to hide the bread, because she liked to chew the bag open, take a few bites, and use the rest of it for a pillow. She is my SO's cat, and he thinks she can do no wrong. They are both brats!
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He's like a circus cat, my cats never do that stuff
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oh wow! nothing comes between a curious kitty and unchartered territories!
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Holy Mister!!!
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Good boy!
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Better not let my girls see this! I don't want them getting any ideas. They get in the cupboards now and Dusty has learned how to open on of the drawers and sit in it! Or so DH tells me... When I see it, I will take a pic
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