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My Dad offered me Nice Furniture but we need to get it here

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He offered me two Couches and a Desk. He wants it out this week. The problem is its 2 hours from here and we have no one that can lift heavy stuff. Anyone know if we can have some one do it for us. The Furniture is in Daly City, Calif.
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You might have to hire a mover. Be prepared to pay an hourly rate, plus gas mileage. Your other option is to borrow or rent a pick up truck and drive there and bring it back yourself.

I've also heard of furniture being "mailed" places. Or wrapped and sent by courier. Not sure how you go about mailing a couch though. But apparently people have done it.
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We are thinking of getting a Uhaul but the problem is no one can lift the furniture.
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You don't have any friends with trucks? Or check with your local church, etc. - they might have someone that is free to help out (for price of a bbq or something)
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We have a Ford F150 but all the stuff will not fit in it. We would have to make 3 trips. We can ask around. We need helping loading the stuff.
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Do you know anyone with big strong teenage boys that would be willing to make a few bucks? Call any friends that might know someone that would be willing to help. I'd volunteer DH but you'd have to pay the airfare!
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Look for landscapers in the area, and ask the migrant workers for a hand.
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Its a mess now. My Stepmom wants it out today and we can no go there today. We know alot of Landscapers but they do not want to come out here. All the teenage Boys we know live was south of us. We know alot of Migrate workers but they wont come here.
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Is there any chance you can talk her into waiting until Tuesday?
When we moved form Albuquerque to here, we hired a company to load the U-Hauls (two of the the big ones!). I don't remember how much it cost, but it was pretty cheap. Any of the local movers would probably do it for a flat rate or an hourly rate with a minimum charge.
I'd think about renting a small U-Haul around your house (unlimited mileage) and take it to pick up the furniture. I think they run abound 20 or 30/day, plus gas (ouch!).
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We can get a Uhaul but not until Weds. I told them that but she still wants it out now. She says she will give it to someone else.
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that sounds pretty mean to me. I would explain to your dad that you want the furniture and you can manage to get it next week, but if they can't wait that long, then let them give it to someone else. And forget about it. You will find other furniture. Besides that you would be doing them a favor by taking it, getting out of their house for free. They obviously don't want it, I would tell them to haul it out to the curb.
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Movers and UHAULs are expensive.

Check on (whatever your town is)

There are often discount movers who do common routes a few times a week in a huge moving van, and therefore you're only paying per square foot!
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I think he gave it away. He spent 4000 on the Loveseat and Sofa. It is only 2 years old too. I do not know why my Step Mom wants all new Furniture.
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Most parents that I know would have brought the furniture to their kids if they wanted it as much as you seemed to. My brother took time off work so he could haul my niece's stuff to Calgary (2 Provinces away) for her.

How incredibly mean of them that they couldn't wait a couple more days!!
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Its not my Dad. He was Crying because he is being treated bad. He has Heart Problems and can not drive out here. He begged her to wait until Weds but she wont.
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I am sorry that you have this sort of stress in your life. We all have enough, without having disfunctional family members. You are just going to have to suck it up, and move on without them. The whole situation caused you and your dad a lot of stress and aggravation, much to the pleasure of your stepmom, I am sure. all you can do is maintain the relationship with your dad, and hopefully your stepmom will wake up some day. She sounds very abusive.
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After all the Bs my Dad called today and a friend of theirs will bring the Furniture here. We will pay him 300. They are from Mexico and can bring a few guys with them.
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That's great news!
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That is wonderful
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My Dad called and asked if I wanted a Tv and I said yes. Its a small one but will be fine.
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I am glad after all that stress everything is working out for you
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He told my Step Mom I wanted to say Thanks but she would not even get on the Phone.
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The Furniture is on its way here now. my Dad added a Grandfather Clock. It should be here around 11 or 11:30.
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