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So, apparently Ringo was busy last night...

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I woke up to find the living room a complete disaster area. Here is a wee rundown of what Ringo was up to last night.

*There are kitty toys ALL over the living room. This isn't especially unusual, but she managed to trudge up toys that we haven't seen in months from somewhere!

*The big dinosaur toy by the tv is moved. Again, not unusual. She loves to attack that thing for some reason.

*Carpet behind the tv is pulled up.

*A single book, Sense and Sensibility, had been pulled off the bookshelf. Kitty needed a bit of latenight Jane Austen reading, I suppose.

*I have an old stuffed Garfield that is about as big as she is. I leave him down on the floor so that Ringo will have another "kitty" around. She has never messed with it, but this morning I found Garfield in the exact same spot, but turned around.

*Threre is a toy donkey in the middle of the living room.

*Half of the living room curtains have been pulled down.

*The mat under Ringo's food bowls has been pulled out and there is water everywhere!

Now Ringo is passed out in the middle of the living room. Haha!
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wow!:Othats a big mess!lol!!I fell sorry for you!
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He must have a catnip stash somewhere.
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Ringo sounds like my kind of kitty
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just redecorating!
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omg. That is so funny!! I laughed out loud reading this!!!

Sometimes they have very active nights. I woke up this morning to find Larry had attacked a squirrel beanie baby I have. The funny thing was, this squirrel was wearing a little knit sweater....(unusual, I know, but it came on a wee teddy bear someone had given me and I thought it looked cute on the squirrel)...and when I found it on the floor this morning, the sweater was nowhere to be seen!!! Larry had removed it and hid it!

Took me forever to find it. How the heck did he get it off?!?

Ringo definitely had a more active night, though.
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Oh that is hilarious.
Maybe she invited some outdoor kitties over for a night of debauchery and naughtiness.
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That's hilarious..where are the pics
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I really wish I had taken pictures. I think that I was too shocked to think properly! I'm used to finding little things out of place here and there thanks to her midnight wanderings, but the entire living room was quite a surprise! The next night she got hold of a little purple stuffed gorilla toy - that I have hanging up on the wall! Ringo is a very impressive jumper, but I didn't think she could get quite this high! I walk in to find her biting and kicking at it. She is too hilarious!
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Yeah that is funny until it its your arm their doing that to...then it hurts a little but its still cute.

Tomnus loves to do that to paper towel roles and has recently figured out how to get the rolls from the despencer so I will often times come home to find shredded paper towel everywhere.
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Wow. Did he have a party like the one on the Tidy Cats commercial?
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