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cat with renal diet with other cats

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My cats are on regular diet. I work at a nursing home and a resident has a cat who has to be on a renal diet. There are many complaints about the poor baby (young persian, owner went to hospital and neighbor who was supposed to take care of it took it to a shelter and not sure why, but now on renal diet) ANYHOW, many complaints and she may have to find home for him. I would love to bring him home but not sure about feeding the seperate diets. Any suggestions? The sad thing is that the complaints are that he is peeing on patients' beds but his litter box is in his owners bathroom and they keep shutting the door.
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I would put him in a seperate room and feed him. My Coco is on C/D for Bladder Problems. She stays in here and the other Cats are in another room. When we let them out here we take Cocos Dish away. Coco has tried to steal their food too.
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When my Sheba was on Rx renal food, all three cats ate the same dry food (her rx food), but they had seperate canned food. Luckily, she looooooved the Science Diet K/D with Chicken, and the others didn't, so there were no problems just setting the food down and leaving them eat in peace.

Depending on the severity of his CRF, a senior type food might be sufficient. The first year mine was diagnosed, it wasn't bad enough to require a prescription diet.
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I opted for all canned and then homemade then raw for the cats ... Zoey wanted dry and ate separate
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Hi !

I have one cat with renal diet and i just moved her to other part of the house so she lives in the living room and the other cats live in the large bedroom upstairs (is a 40sqm bedroom with a large balcony so they have plenty of space) is easier for me also because i can control better if I see any vomit around and I am not wondering who did it.

So if you schedule feed your cats, separate them in meal times, if you are free feeding them then is a problem like mine.

Good luck !
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