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Kitty Tv finally functioning again!

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So my fish tank died while i was on holidays, i was so upset that i was ready to throw it away. Trav told me not to and just get two or so fishies again.
Well it had been two weeks and the kitties were driving me insane, they would howl where the tank was and were just being really annoying!

Now they saw i brought two fishies home and they are over the moon! after kaylee had been watching them for ten minutes she was giving me kisses and now she is back watching her television!

Easy to entertain huh?
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hehe sometimes, yea, Mine ignore the fish tank.
they much perfer looking out the door and windows at the birds
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How cute.

Monte loves to jump on top of the fish tank and watch from above. Katina will lay on the floor and watch the fish. She also used to climb on things and try to catch the fish, from the outside of the tank. It looked like she was cleaning the glass
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I bet they must be happy!
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Sweet! I guess it's like when our tv's go on the fritz and have to be taken in and fixed: we miss it. So glad they have their kitty TV back again
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I am such a dummy! Maybe that is why Scooter is being a little butthead and won't come into the LR any more. I had to take down my 1.5 gallon tank, it smelled soooo bad and the fish kept dying for some reason. He loved the fish. I guess I will try a couple of goldfish if it will make him happy. All the cats liked it, but he would sit for hours and watch whatever was in there.
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