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Showing off my newest additions......

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I picked these guys up this last weekend. I'm posting them individually...

First is Gus. I saw his baby picture, and although he looked scruffy, I HAD to have him. I figured if he was too scruffy, I wouldn't breed him, he would just be a pet. Then I went to get him and he was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect head, perfect ears, full bushy tail, and a really nice coat! Not scruffy at all!

(these are chinchillas, by the way)
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Next is Paisley, she's Gus's new mate. She's a pure standard from excellent lines. She and Gus should make about the perfect pair! She's also very laid back, and very sweet!
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Now for Buddy and Bailey. I got these two from a big breeder with over 200 chinchillas. They were labeled "slow/non breeders" so generally worthless in her breeding program. I have wanted a white chinchilla forever, and when she offered him to me I jumped at the chance, and also agreed to take a slow breeder female to go with him. The breeder picked the female that he spent all his time with, so I know they're bonded. These chinchillas are anywhere from 8 - 20 years old. Buddy is kinda skinny, probably due to old age. I'm just glad I get to be the one to make a difference in these guys' lives. The breeder I got them from is really nice and really loves her chinchillas. She was sad to see Bailey go because she was such a nice chinchilla. She got them 3 years ago and they were NEVER held before she got them and they have become quite friendly while she has had them. But they still aren't used to alot of human interaction. Buddy is coming around and will sometimes come to the door for an oat if I call him. Bailey will only take one if I put my hand inside the cage to give her the oat. We've still had quite an improvement in these last 5 days.

Okay, I'll shut up and get on with the pics.....

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And Bailey. She's missing more than half of her tail. It's kinda cute, actually
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wow, Buddy looks really chewed up. That lady doesn't sound very... sound, you know what I mean??? 200 chinchillas is extreme in my opinion. Can you imagine 200 cats in one establishment??? I know you said she was nice, but I would re-think her mentality to keep so many animals.
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Please forgive my ignorance Dawn, but I have never seen a Chinchilla before. Are they related to Rabbits or ? They look gorgeous. I have Guinea Pigs, are Chinchillas similar in size?
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Awww, how cute!
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How long do Chinchilla's usually live??

Never seen one in person before, but they do look kinda cute in the pics!
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Alot of the big breeders out there have over 100. I deffinately don't aggree with it. The animals are kept in breeding runs. This means there are 6 or so small cages in a row, a female in each. Then there is a tunnel in back and a hole in each cage so one male can visit each cage. The females wear a breeding collar so they can't get through the hole and into the rest of the run. The females cage can be blocked off as soon as the breeder knows she's pregnant, to prevent them from breeding again right after birth. The only real problem I have with the breeding runs is the size of the cages, tiny! I really don't see how someone could care for that many chinchillas though. But somehow she does it. She also breeds for quality and temperment, and likes to keep tabs on her babies. My sister just got the sweetest little girl from her. Has a pedigree that goes back quite a ways too.

Buddy and Bailey's ears were chewed up prior to the breeder getting them.

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They're adorable, but don't they keep you up at night?
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Sorry, I was running late this morning and didn't answer the rest of the questions. Chinchillas are more related to guinea pigs than rabbits. They're very spunky, and very agile. Just about impossible to catch if they don't want to be caught! They're temperment is a little like a cat. They want to be with you when it suits them, and can be very good at the "playing deaf" thing. Very mischevious (sp?), and very smart. They also know that their cute little faces will get them out of trouble every time. They're very fun little pets!

They live anywhere from 15-20 years usually. I know someone with a 27 year old guy who is still breeding. Buddy is probably my oldest I'm guessing he's 10 - 15+ years old. Sammy is my baby. He's 5 years old and I've had him since he was 8 weeks. I've had him the longest. I have 8 chinchillas all together. They really don't keep me up at night too much. I rarely go to bed before midnight, and their "prime time" is usuallly in the evening (9-12 maybe). I feed them before I go to bed, so maybe this helps. I do know that they keep me up ALOT less now that they're not in those stupid wire cages. Everytime they jumped it rattled the whole cage. Their new cages are made of wood and wire mesh, and are a whole lot quieter!

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Awww! I just got to see these now... your new additions are adorable!
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