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Saturday! What are Your Plans

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Morning All!!!

Well the sun is finally shining although it is still a bit chilly this morning.

Heading off to work for for a bit but shouldn't have to long of a day I got most of the important things done yesterday.

Heading over to Walmart after work to do a bit of shopping. Then to the pet store and grocery store.

Thinking of grabbing a movie for tonight.

Kitties are good, birdwatching right now.

Everyone have a good day
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John's going with his dad to see a movie, so I'll be by myself most of the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm going to get some cleaning done and probably give the dogs baths and then relax for the rest of the time.
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went to work this morning
Going to a party tonight, looked for a top, while i was at it, i saw the shoes i wanted to buy three months ago discounted 70%!

I had to buy...
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Good morning!

Today we are supposed to be chopping up the trees leftover from when our land was cleared. We'll probably bring them to the tree recycling center nearby. Then later it is date night, so we'll probably go out and grab some dinner, then watch a movie.

I also might stop by the mall and shop a little. This guy hit my car the other day in the parking lot where Rob works with his tire when he was backing out. I told him not to worry about it, it just pulled the bumper away from the car about an inch ... it was a $2300 car and it's our "beater car". I really wouldn't have spent the time to go to a body shop and get it fixed - you can barely notice it! So yesterday he stopped by the shop again and gave Rob a $100 gift card for Palmetto Moon at the mall to give to me. How nice of him!

I want to stop by Petsmart and pick up another betta fish while we're out as well. I miss Fishy The 10 gal tank is so empty and lonely looking!

Now that I think of it, I might do even more shopping! Rob has been desperately wanting this impact wrench for work - it's pretty powerful (can loosen nuts torqued down to 1100 ft/lbs). I got my tax return from the state ($739 ) so I might surprise him with it
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Still on vacation... and today is my 'play hooky' day. I'll be taking the train downtown, and going to the Farmer's Market, then going to Powells Books and Utrecht Art Supply. I need more supplies!! I've nearly killed all my vine charcoal from class (which, if you have MySpace and know my profile, you can see my classwork in one of my albums) and my teacher suggested I try some color Conte to play with my toned charcoal paper... she really liked my work... oh yeah, and more drawing paper... I'm down to a few sheets... yeesh!

I'm normally working on the weekends... so this is a nice change.

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Just got done planting flowers and our vegetable garden. Its supposed to rain later this afternoon.
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Probably just hanging out at home today.. while it rains.

We got the kittens out for a while and let them run around the living room.

Mom went to town to get stuff for our bbq we're having at our house tomorrow, so I'm just sitting around with the animals in the living room. Lazy day. XD

Possibly going out to a friend's later, if they still want me too. They mentioned it yesterday, so we'll see.
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Well I spent the last three hours potting up containers with annuals for my clients and some for myself-so about 20!! Its sunny and I want to start planting 30 or so perennials I have purchased so far but I might weed instead.

Neil is up at the farm today I "advised" him I am starting the firepit at 5:30 to cook out tonite.

Just doing a bit of relaxing right now though!!
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It's gardening day for me too.

I picked up a few bags of dirt, drilled holes in my containers and filled them. Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough dirt so I have to go back.

Tomorrow I'll go to the market with my boyfriend and I'll go get some plants!
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Whew! Just gone done hauling around a bunch of trees. Turns out the tree recycling center here was closed down due to a few too many fires they had. So we dumped them in a swampy area right outside our property lines (but still on Rob's dad's property). It'll probably get filled in one day anyway because the previous owner dumped a couch, truck cap, fridge, etc back there.

We're going out to dinner as soon as Rob gets out of the shower though He said we'd go to Roadhouse because it's one of my favorite restaurants. I guess maybe because I helped lift a lot of the logs today

I also bought him his surprise gift today ... he's pestering me on why I'm the best wifey in the world because of something I'm gonna surprise him with

Tomorrow night I'll probably cook pasta for the neighbor and his friend and the rest of us since they helped out cutting and moving the trees too.
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We got our hair cut, went by the library, went to lunch, went by K-MART, then I came home and took a nap.
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a friend & i met for a movie - the new Indiana Jones one - then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
i now have dinner for the next 3-4 nights, btw!
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Well, the day is over...but I went wedding dress shopping today! It was a gorgeous day here today so that was nice. Me and my sis then went for lunch and to the mall for a bit.

Then came home and sat around and planned more wedding stuff
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I ended up working yesterday until 10am this morning. So I slept all day . Today is a great day. I am a HUGE UFC fan, and the big Pay per view is on tonight! it's on now and I'm recording it so I'm excited!
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