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Moving at delivery time.

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Well, we sold our house finally! We are so happy that we get the house we bought for sure now!!

Anyway, we have booked movers for June 28 and Lily is due June 30th. I have 5 cats, still trying decide who to move first and when. Since we won't be living there till the 28th, I don't want the cats there by themselves for more than a day without us there. I also want to ensure the least amount of stress for them. I might just move them all the same day, however we're moving out of town (only 10 miles) but I'm sure I will have to take trips because I don't have 5 carriers. I'm tossing the idea around to take them while the movers come so that they aren't too freaked out that there isn't any furniture in either house. I might get the movers to move the basement furniture in first and then I can lock them downstairs while the front door is open and they do the remainder of the house....what do you all suggest?

I appreciate any input!

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1st, maybe get some of those cardboard carriers for the move - i think they're available at places like Petco or Petsmart. at least, that way, you can bring everyone in at once.
2nd - i think the basement idea is a good one!
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We moved Aug 1rst 2002 and Coco went in Labor and had the Kittens so we had to leave her at my Dads. I didnt have my Cats with me at that time because our place didnt allow Pets. When we moved her it was a 2 hour Drive. I put 2 Cats in one Carrier and the other in another Carrier. We moved here in 2005. Put the Carrier in the Bathroom with the Cats in it. Thats what we did.
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One other thing, where ever you put them, after you close the door, put up a sign that says DO NOT OPEN. That way, a mover looking for a bathroom will not open the door and let them out.
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With a pregnant cat due that soon, if you can buy or borrow a very large dog cate, I'd put her in there and in a room as quiet as you can find and cover the crate with a sheet.
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thanks everyone! I will probably be moving the cats in 2 carriers. I am going to buy another carrier sometime in the next couple of days. I am going to move 3 cats at one time, since the 2 devons are still small enough they can fit in one crate together LOL. I have a spare bedroom at the new house that I told hubby that I wanted as the birthing room and where momma and babies will reside. They could all be in the same room together while the movers are in and out (don't really have a spare set of bedroom furniture yet for that room). I just didn't know where I wanted to put them, but either there or the basement will be fine.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions!

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