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pretty orange bengal like kitten

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My husband and I found a kitten for adoption, and fell in love with her beautiful markings. After looking for a while on the internet, it seems to me like she almost looks like an orange marble bengal. I know she isn't a pure bread bengal. Mom was a tortoiseshell (sp?) cat. I don't know what the dad looked like though. I know that orange is not a breed standard, but we don't want to breed or show her, just want her as a pet. Her fur is very sleek and soft. I'm wondering if she doesn't have any bengal ancestors? Any thoughts?

I can't figure out how to post pics, so here are some links...
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she's very pretty - i'd call her a DSH classic red tabby, myself!
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Thanks! After looking around some more, I think that she does fall into the lines of a classic tabby. I love looking at her though, and she is sooo sweet!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i'd call her a DSH classic red tabby, myself!
I agree, and she's very pretty. It's highly unlikely she's got any Bengal in her.
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She's gorgeous!

Where is her tail?
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Cute!! XD What is her name?
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Beautiful girl!
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although Jack is not orange, he also has the classic tabby markings on him. I had never seen a cat marked like him before, escpecailly not an orange one. Very nice.
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Originally Posted by x-VeganCandy-x View Post
Cute!! XD What is her name?
Here name is Belle
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She's a very lovely girl

I hope we get to see more of her!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
She's gorgeous!

Where is her tail?

She is a very pretty girl... but does she have a tail? If not, she may be part manx. I had a brother/sister that looked like that when I was growing up. They didn't have tails either (one did have a 2" nub of a tail)
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She's gorgeous! She's a classic tabby with really clear markings and great contrast. She'd probably do well if she was shown in cats shows as a household pet.

I doubt she has any bengal in her but that's not really important. She's gorgeous no matter what mix she is. Have you adopted her already or are you intending to?

Bengals and bengal mixes are usually rather hyperactive and wanting to play almost all the time and then get into a lot of trouble if they don't get enough play. They can be quite nuts and tiring to look after although it's worth it for the right people.
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No Bengal, but a VERY deep red classic tabby with white. I almost got to adopt a stunning red classic tabby with white kitten - but someone else got to take him home.

You don't see very many true red and the deep color of red in cats - you really should consider showing her the household pet class in shows - she's a stunning/flashy girl.
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Oh my goodness. What a beautiful girl. I showed my husband the pictures and even he said "Wow". She's got the most striking coat color for a tabby I think I've ever seen.
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What a pretty girl! I love classic tabbies, one of my girls is one and she is perfect.
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What a beauty. She is very cool looking. You must take her to shows and show her off. She is too gorgeous not be seen by many.
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She is gorgeous!
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My Rocky is not that exact shade of red, but he's close.
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My mom has an orange momma cat just like this that had kittens 6 weeks ago and I adopted the one in the litter that was grey with the bulls eye pattern on the sides.
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Wow, very cool markings!
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WOW, very unusual and remarkable markings. Just LOVE, LOVE her deep red color too. Just gorgeous
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