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Fighting Toms

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Oh another thing about the mating (read "mating..help") when the females are gone...will the stray cats that attack my cats leave? my cats won't fight them and only run (i'm afraid they will run in road or something), and will they go running off in search of more females like my grandma says? Is my only alternative to get them to stay "fixing them"? I'd rather not because there are a couple I wouldn't mind breeding later, and I don't feel right about doing that to them. I got one of my females "fixed", and she has never treated me the same...I miss "her"..I don't want then to change..plus I can't afford it. What can I do???? How can I get the strays to stay away? how can I get them to stay home(I know they leave to hunt)?
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Please read the info from the following link:

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The best thing you can do is spay and neuter all the cats- even the wild ones you wish to *breed* later on. There are feral cat organizations nation-wide that will help you with this, but you have to ask for their help. I have one that I rely on constantly, and they spay and neuter for me on a donation basis, plus I help out during their spay clinics.

Trust me, no feral cat ever entered into a breeding program and shouldn't as it is in their nature to be more aggressive at the act then domesticated cats.

It does not change the cat's personality to have them spayed/ neutered except it tones them down and doesn't add to the already massive problem of over population. Your cat perhaps changed due to another reason, but not from getting spayed.

We are coming up on kitten season, and these Toms are a danger to any female that is out there right now in season. Please do the responsible act, and contact someone here to help you get these guys spayed and neutered. Follow this link to learn more

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I have NO room to talk because i'm fighting my own battle trying to get everyone fixed, but i am trying....anywho

if you can, I would get all the cats fixed. If you go to http://www.petfinder.com it is SHOCKING how many AMAZING looking cats need homes. There are even purebreed cats on there. Also not having your cats fixed makes it hard for someone like me that is going on a mission to try to fix every cat that wonders into there yard.
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