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So smart ^_^

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Buddy has housebroken himself, all on his own! When he needs to go outside (which is where he stays most of the time), he goes to the door and sits there until I go open it for him. It always amazes me! He knows his name too...one night, I was getting the mail, and I saw him across the street from me. I called his name, and he meowed. I kept calling for Buddy and telling him to come on over, and he eventually returned home I wasn't too worried because there wasn't traffic, but you never know!

Beethoven knows his name...maybe, lol. I was outside yesterday and saw him with his sibling Mozart, so I stood a few feet away and called his name and made the general "come here" motion...and guess what? Beethoven actually came to me!
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My crew know their names but what makes them all come to me is the word "surprise" which means food.
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Cool ^_^ I love their names as well!
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Thanks! My dad named Buddy because he (the cat) originally went straight to my dad...but now he (cat again lol) goes to everyone! I named Beethoven that because Beethoven is my favorite composer. His brother (or sister, I can't tell yet) is named Mozart
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