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Tsekani in the sun

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Tsekani has just turned one year old and my friend says that his spots look more vivid than they did a few months ago. The change has been gradual I think so I haven't noticed.

Here he is in a sunny patch on the bed.

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That little spotted tummy needs some kisses Tsekani is one gorgeous baby boy That first one where hes sleeping and his legs are crossed is soooo precious, so are the other 2 pics
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He's lovely
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Your pretty kittie is exactly what I want my new kittie to look like! What a gorgeous kittie
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Very nice - good contrast. Our one friend has a new Mau (black smoke) boy she recently got for showing. He's better marked then her other Mau who really didn't like showing. I still prefer the bronze or silver to the smoke
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Hows the personality? Looks so cute and snuggly
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Wow, your cat is Tsekani is gorgeous!!

Side note... "mau" means cat in Chinese.
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Thanks everyone. It's hard for me to explain Tsekani's temperament, he is just so friendly. But he is not as suffocatingly friendly as my other cat Sohni. Sohni is forever winding around my ankles, while Tsekani waits until I am sitting before coming over for a snuggle. I am teaching him to jump up when I lean over to pick him up, as he loves to be carried around.
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What a gorgeous kitty! Great pics,makes me sleepy too, your Tsekani looks very comfortable and content!
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What a pretty boy It looks like he's got nice eye color. Is he still intact? Have you started to look for some females for him?
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