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Just a Thought

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After reading all these threads about introducing new cats and kittens to your old companions and all the difficulties that go with it, I've come to realize that we really did get very lucky with Turtle. We brought her home expecting to endure a week long hissing and prowling about session, but she came trotting out of the carrier and made herself at home. Granted, the other cats weren't thrilled, but she had no problem initiating playtime with them and within a few days they were playing together. Now they're great friends.
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Glad to hear it.
Like it's been said, getting along with each other is basically up to the cats themselves.
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I was lucky with mine too, Farley and Ana came home together, Demetri accepted them both right away none of them hissed or anything. I didn't separate them at all, just let the new ones out in a room while Demetri was there.
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That's a great story... my cats didn't get along at the beginning, but now they are friends. It's funny, my dog gets along so good with all three of them, he likes to lick their ears when they are sleeping... it's so cute to watch!
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