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6 of my cats are barely past kitten age, yet several are starting to mate...one cat mates constantly (is that mormal for him?), and the others watch and try to get involved...I am worrried because they are so young and were part of a 8 litter of kittens (ouch for the mother) and several are runts...if they have kittens will it hurt them or the kittens? is it possible to get them to STOP mating somehow? I wish someone would invent cat hormone shots (like our pills to prevent pregnancy)...The problem is..My grandma wants to take the females to the pound and let them(and most likely they are preg)be murdered. My only choice is to try to put them in the paper and hope they are taken care of....
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Please visit this link

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There are so many organizations now that will help you. There is Spay USA, and the Feral Cat Coalition where you can contact them and see if they have low cost clinics near you where you can take these kittens. At best, you should separate the males and females, because siblings can become instant parents, and inbreeding is a bad thing.
Please take the time to research this over the Internet, look up Spay USA and write to several groups and ask their advice. It would be in the best interest of your cats to do so. When they are between five/six months old is when they can and do mate. You say barely past kitten age which means how old are these kittens?
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Kittens can be desexed from 8 weeks of age.

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